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Written By ESR News Blog Editor Thomas Ahearn

A class action lawsuit filed in Tampa, Florida claims the nation’s largest online retailer allegedly violated the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by misusing consumer credit reports for hiring, termination, and assignment decisions, according to a report from Courthouse News Service.

Courthouse News Service reports the plaintiff, Donovan Hargrett, filed a circuit court complaint claiming Amazon allegedly violated the FCRA by checking his credit report without his permission and not giving him a chance to explain information in his background check report before declining to hire him for a job.

After talking to Amazon representatives at a job fair and filling out an application, Hargrett claims he visited a month later and learned that his application was rejected because of information in his background check report. According to the complaint quoted in the Courthouse News Service report:

“Plaintiff was given no pre-adverse notice whatsoever of the information contained in the consumer report upon which defendant based its decision. Defendant did not provide plaintiff with a copy of the consumer report that it relied upon prior to defendant’s adverse employment action. As a result, in violation of the FCRA, plaintiff was deprived of any opportunity to review the information in the report and discuss it with defendant before he was denied employment.”

In addition, Hargrett also claims Amazon’s background check disclosure form included a release from liability that allegedly violates the FCRA. The complete Courthouse News Service report is available at

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