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Written By ESR News Blog Editor Thomas Ahearn

Attorney and safe hiring expert Lester Rosen, Founder and CEO of background check firm Employment Screening Resources® (ESR), has authored a module of the Global HR Practitioner Handbook Volume 3 titled “Criminal History Screening of Global Job Applicants: Hidden Dangers Employers Should Know” that is available at the Global Immersion Press e-store.

According to Global Immersion Press, this global HR module reviews the potential problems that impact the reliability of Criminal Clearance Certificates from an international perspective and is intended to increase awareness for global HR practitioners of the issues and challenges surrounding obtaining Criminal Clearance Certificates from different countries for employment background check purposes. Leading practices for meeting due diligent standards are proposed.

Globalization has led to increased complexity in meeting due diligence standards for hiring employees worldwide. Criminal background checks are key to ensuring workplace safety in the global workplace. Global HR must be vigilant when conducting the criminal history clearance of candidates in different parts of the world. Every country may be an adventure, but a good understanding of the issues and an expert guide will save the HR professional nearly every time.

Upon completion of the global HR module “Criminal History Screening of Global Job Applicants: Hidden Dangers Employers Should Know”, readers should be able to:

  • Increase awareness of the issues and pitfalls surrounding Criminal Clearance Certificates from different countries.
  • List common problems related to international Criminal Clearance Certificates.
  • Adopt leading practices for meeting due diligence standards when using Criminal Clearance Certificates.

The mission of the Global Immersion Press is to promote the teaching and learning of global HR around the world. They are a network of leading global HR practitioners from around the world who share knowledge with others who are interested in learning about the body of knowledge of global HR, eager to develop their global competencies, and become GPHR-certified.

Rosen, author of “The Safe Hiring Manual” and a frequent speaker on background check issues, founded Employment Screening Resources® (ESR) in 1997 in the San Francisco, California-area. ESR is accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS®). Rosen was chairperson of the steering committee that founded the NAPBS and served as first co-chair. For more information about ESR, call Toll Free 888.999.4474 or visit

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this module is not intended as legal advice but offered for general educational purposes only. Note that the situation in any particular country can change without notice. Hence, it is of utmost importance that employers consult with an attorney or expert in the field if they have questions about criminal records in a particular country.

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