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Written By ESR News Blog Editor Thomas Ahearn

Operations at Santa Clara County Courts in California have returned to normal after striking employees voted “overwhelmingly” to approve a new contract and return to work, ending a walkout by over 300 court workers that began August 3, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

The walkout by members of the Superior Court Professional Employees Association (SCPEA) “brought normal operations at all 11 courthouses to a near standstill, as paperwork problems mounted and all but essential hearings were postponed,” the Mercury News reports.

“Relieved” Santa Clara County court employees returned to work on August 15, the Mercury News also reports, while a Superior Court spokesman said: “The court is eager to move forward together and welcomes the returning of employees… and the resuming of our regular operations.”

More details about the new contract – which SCPEA leaders said was “the closest thing possible from the cash-strapped court” – are in the San Jose Mercury News report at

As reported earlier on the ESR News Blog, a statement released by Santa Clara County Court Officials – “LIMITED SERVICES AVAILABLE DUE TO WORK STOPPAGE” – detailed how the courts would be impacted by a planned strike by hundreds of court clerks.

A union letter from SCPEA – which represents clerical workers, janitors, legal researchers, and mediators – stated “8-years without a raise, more work with less staff and support, unsafe work conditions, and short changing the public with reduced hours and closed courthouses” caused the strike.

End of Santa Clara County Court Strike Good News for Employers Performing Background Checks

With the end of the Santa Clara County Court strike that caused delays for screening firms unable to obtain information for employment background checks, clerks are attempting to catch up with backlogs. Delays are expected until the workflow returns to normal.

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