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Written By ESR News Blog Editor Thomas Ahearn

New HR technology is making background screening for employment purposes “faster, smarter, and easier” while integrations with HR systems have “changed the game” for Human Resources, according to an article on the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) website.

In the article “Background Screening Goes with the Workflow,” SHRM editor/manager Roy Maurer interviewed screening experts including Dawn Standerwick, Vice President of Strategic Growth for Employment Screening Resources® (ESR), a background screening firm in the San Francisco, CA area.

Standerwick, who was elected Chair of the Board of Directors for the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS®) for the 2016-17 term and has 25 years of experience in workforce screening, told Maurer that “employers have demanded more seamless systems” for background screening.

The article explains how HR technology enables background screening functions to be linked to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) where “candidate data flows directly to the vendor once an investigation is initiated and the results are immediately stored in the candidate’s file in the ATS.”

The article also explains that some employers “use self-service applicant portals that allow candidates to input their own data rather than relying on a recruiter to do so” that can help “streamline processes, eliminate duplicate data entry, and improve the candidate experience” during background screening.

“The shared goal is to create the best applicant experience possible, and, depending on the strength of the integration, data that is collected by the ATS and is needed for the background check does pre-populate to our system in most cases,” Standerwick told Maurer in the SHRM article.

The background screening process begins when applicants complete the authorization and receive all required disclosure forms for an electronic signature. After background screening reports are complete, any adverse action taken by employers are “automated and can be initiated through the ATS.”

Since it is also critical to assure legal compliance during the background screening process due to the numerous laws involved, HR technology should provide all necessary disclosures, acknowledgements, and consents while automatically updating – in real-time – when Federal or state requirements change.

The complete article “Background Screening Goes with the Workflow” is available on the SHRM website at To learn more about SHRM, visit

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