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Written By ESR News Blog Editor Thomas Ahearn

With the need to hire the most qualified candidate never greater, companies that utilize background screening when hiring are demonstrating their commitment to ensuring public safety, according to an article written by Dawn Standerwick, Chair of the Board of Directors for the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS®).

In her article entitled “Background Screening As a Commitment to Public Safety” that is posted on the Future of Business and Tech website and published in USA Today, Standerwick, who is also the Vice President of Strategic Growth for Employment Screening Resources® (ESR), wrote the following:

Workplace violence, unethical business practices and misleading résumés are on the rise. The costs of fraud, embezzlement, theft and violence are a multibillion-dollar drain on our economy, bleeding organizations both large and small. Furthermore, negative publicity associated with negligent hiring — especially as the result of a less than thorough background check, or worse, no background check — can devastate the very foundation of a trusted organization. Now more than ever, companies should be using regulated, professional background screeners.

Standerwick tells employers that background screening is “less expensive than you think” since the cost of a background check “represents a fraction of the cost involved in turnover, termination, re-recruiting, re-hiring and re-training. And that’s best-case scenario for a bad hire.” Standerwick writes:

Employers may also be looking at legal fees to defend an action brought by a victim, often a customer or fellow employee who was injured by the hire, and litigation often extends into the millions of dollars and causes insurance premiums to increase. Additionally, background screens may uncover a history of fraud or theft, and many organizations — especially retail companies — experience very high levels of employee theft.

Standerwick cites a study by the University of Florida that found “employee theft accounts for as much as 48 percent of a retail company’s shrinkage, which can amount to nearly 2 percent of annual revenues. While these costs and damages may be recovered through an organization’s insurance, premiums will rise and reputation will suffer.”

Standerwick also explains background screening performed by trained professional screeners is “subject to strict regulations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, as well as federal, state and local privacy and consumer protection laws, and they are trained to properly handle personally identifiable information.”

Standerwick concludes: The bottom line is that the purpose of background screening is to provide the public with safe places to live and work. Companies that utilize background screens demonstrate their commitment to ensuring safety, while also ensuring the highest degree of accuracy and professionalism.

The complete article entitled “Background Screening As a Commitment to Public Safety”  by NAPBS Chair Dawn Standerwick is available online at

Standerwick joined ESR in April of 2015 as Vice President Strategic Growth.  A seasoned industry professional, she brings 25 years of experience in all facets of workforce screening solutions with extensive knowledge of background screening, drug testing, and occupational health testing. She was recently elected Chair of the Board of Directors for the NAPBS for the 2016-17 term.

The NAPBS is a nonprofit organization representing more than 850 member companies engaged in the background screening profession that has been dedicated to providing the public with safe places to live and work since 2003. NAPBS members help employers, staffing agencies, and nonprofit organizations make more informed decisions regarding potential employees. To learn more, visit

Employment Screening Resources® (ESR) is a global background screening company that is accredited by the NAPBS and undergoes yearly SSAE 18 SOC 2® security audits to ensure protection of the privacy, security, and confidentiality consumer information used in background checks. To learn more about ESR, visit

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