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Written By ESR News Blog Editor Thomas Ahearn

To help calm nerves job applicants have about background checks done by employers,  an article on job website – “Employment background check guide for job applicants” – compared common fears against the facts and featured background check experts such as Dawn Standerwick, Chair of the Board of Directors at the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).

With a nationwide survey sponsored by the NAPBS revealing that 96 percent of the employers surveyed stated their organizations conduct background checks, there is a strong chance that job applicants will undergo background checks when trying to find work. Many applicants fear what employers may find during background checks and have questions. The top five fears discussed in the Monster article were:

  • Fear #1: Will my speeding ticket show up on a background check?
  • Fear #2: Does a background check include a credit check?
  • Fear #3: Will a workers’ comp claim show up?
  • Fear #4: Is my criminal record included in a background check?
  • Fear #5: Can background checks show political affiliation?

The Monster article revealed employers can see driving records when performing background checks but speeding tickets or car accidents should not hurt job chances unless the job requires driving. While it is illegal in several states for employers to view credit histories of job applicants, even if they do credit reports should not impact a hiring unless the job is a financial position with access to a firm’s money.

The Monster article also found workers’ compensation records are public records in some states but employers cannot check on workers’ compensation history until after a job offer. Even then, most are reluctant to do so. “The Americans with Disabilities Act has specific protections for job applicants that make most employers fearful to even run a workers’ compensation check,” explained Standerwick.

As for criminal background checks, the NAPBS survey found 97 percent of employers included some form of criminal history search in their background checks. However, “every employer is unique and every business creates its own policy for evaluating criminal records,” said Standerwick, who is also Vice President Strategic Growth for the background check firm Employment Screening Resources (ESR).

The question as to whether or not background checks can show political affiliations of job applicants that could cause result in a tense political climate in the workplace is answered: However, as a job seeker, you can rest assured that your political affiliation will not show up in a background check. The Monster article is available at:

ESR Can Help Employers Fill Jobs with Background Checks

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