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Written By ESR News Blog Editor Thomas Ahearn

The average time to hire from start to finish of the interview process for employers in the United States was 23.8 days in the first half of 2017 – up nearly a full day when compared to the average time to hire of 22.9 days in 2014 – and the average length of the job interview process grew longer depending on the region and industry, according to a worldwide study conducted by Glassdoor.

The Glassdoor study – which used data from nearly 84,000 surveys from January 1, 2017 to June 13, 2017 – expanded its view to 25 countries around the world to show the latest trends in hiring duration compared to a year ago. The study found one reason for slower time to hire results were additional screening methods used to find talent that included background checks.

As for what U.S. cities had the longest time to hire rates, Washington, D.C. and Albany, New York – both with a high concentration of government jobs and longer interview procedures – had an average of 32.2 days. The shortest time to hire process was found in Kansas City, Kansas – a hub for rail transportation, manufacturing, and distribution – at 16.9 days.

The study also found the U.S. industries with the longest time to hire process were Government at 53.8 days, Aerospace & Defense at 32.6 days, Energy & Utilities at 28.8 days, and Biotech/Pharmaceuticals at 28.1 days. The sectors with the shortest time to hire process were Restaurants & Bars at 10.2 days, Private Security at 11.6 days, and Supermarkets at 12.3 days.

Worldwide, the study found the job interview processes with the longest time to hire averages were in Brazil at 39.6 days, France at 38.9 days, and Switzerland at 37.6 days. The shortest reported interviews were in India at 16.1 days, Israel at 16.9 days, and Romania at 19.2 days. The complete study is available at:

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