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Employment Screening Resources® (ESR) – a leading global background screening firm – has prepared a free online Child Protection Training Resource Guide designed to create awareness among non-mandated reporters about the signs and circumstances surrounding child abuse. The guide is a narrated and animated PowerPoint video lasting thirty-five minutes and includes ten test questions at the end.  This resource is informational only and is not intended to provide training for mandated reporters who required by law to report suspected child abuse to authorities.

Non-mandated reporters include adult volunteers such as parents who chaperone field trips or work with children in church or community groups like sports teams and recreation centers. Adults engaged in these kinds of volunteer activities can be considered to have a moral obligation to protect children and can be referred to as ethical reporters.

Mandated reporters are defined in most states as certain individuals who work closely with a vulnerable population, such as children or the elderly. This typically includes social workers, teachers, health care workers, child care providers, law enforcement, mental health professionals, and other educators and medical professionals.

The free Child Protection Training Resource Guide from ESR addresses the following questions.

  • What is child sexual abuse?
  • How big is the problem?
  • Who are the perpetrators?
  • How do child sexual abusers operate?
  • What are the signs of child sexual abuse?
  • What are the reporting requirements?
  • How can we prevent child sexual abuse?

“ESR has substantial experience in working with volunteer organizations and developed this free Child Protection Training Resource Guide in response to requests from smaller organizations such as local non-profits, faith-based groups, sports and other youth organizations that wanted a resource to help train volunteers,” explains Attorney Lester Rosen, founder and Chief Executive Officer of ESR.

“ESR prepared the video as a public service to help organizations obtain the awareness needed to develop a non-mandated reporter solution for their volunteers.  Importantly, this guide is not intended as a substitute for state-specific laws that cover mandated reporters,” adds Rosen, author of ‘The Safe Hiring Manual.’

Employment Screening Resources® (ESR) provides background screening solutions specializing in local non-profit, youth, church, youth camps, youth sports, and similar volunteer organizations. ESR helps these organizations maintain safe environments, mitigate risk, and avoid potentially costly litigation and related damages by helping to protect against theft, sexual misconduct, and violence through its affordable services tailored to non-profits including the screening of staff and volunteers.

ESR is proud to serve its non-profit clients and understands the unique challenges faced by them. ESR also ensures compliance for non-profit organizations through its ESR Assured Compliance® system. To learn more, please visit its Non-Profit & Volunteer Background Screening Solution webpage.

ESR Free White Paper on Screening Volunteers for Non-Profits

Employment Screening Resources® (ESR) offers a complimentary white paper entitled “Screening Volunteers for Non-Profits” to help non-profit organizations discover if they have a convicted criminal or registered sex offender working for them as a volunteer. To download this white paper, please click here.

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