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Written By ESR News Blog Editor Thomas Ahearn

In a story showing the value of a background check, a report about an investigation on a former Transit Authority of River City (TARC) Executive Director who allegedly behaved as a “sexual predator” claimed there was a “systemic failure of oversight and accountability from the initial hiring to the day (he) was asked to leave” and “no formal background investigation conducted,” according to an article from in Louisville, Kentucky.

The former Executive Director of TARC – the major public transportation provider for the Louisville metro area – “resigned in February 2020 amid allegations of sexual misconduct involving multiple TARC employees” and a lawyer representing five women who settled lawsuits with the city said the report “is a damning indictment of Metro government and all branches that had anything to do with hiring this guy,” reported.

The investigation by a retired FBI agent concluded that “had a thorough background investigation been conducted, it is quite likely that sufficient negative information would have been developed to prevent this calamity from ever occurring” and the lawyer added that it was apparent from the report “that there was literally no vetting done on this man who came in and wreaked havoc on the whole organization,” reported.

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