2022Jobs Report

Written By ESR News Blog Editor Thomas Ahearn

The “Great Resignation” in the United States that saw a record-high number of workers voluntarily resign from their jobs in 2021 – including a record 4.5 million workers who quit in November of 2021 – should continue in 2022, according to a survey by ResumeBuilder.com that revealed one in four workers plan to quit their jobs in 2022.

In late December 2021, ResumeBuilder.com polled 1,250 currently employed American adults about their employment plans for 2022. Roughly one quarter of respondents declared their intentions of finding a new job in the new year, setting the stage for yet another year of turmoil in the labor market. Key findings include:

  • 23 percent of currently employed individuals plan on finding a new job in 2022 while 9 percent of workers have already secured a new job for the new year.
  • Turnover will be highest among workers in retail, food and hospitality, education, and office and administrative support.
  • One in two workers are seeking better pay and benefits.
  • 52 percent of job seekers anticipate quitting in the first half of 2022 and 26 percent plan to quit by March

The survey found that individuals who work from home were most likely to look for a new job, with 24 percent of remote employees indicating they would seek a different employment situation. By comparison, 23 percent of in-person workers and 21 percent of those with hybrid work arrangements will look for new employment in 2022.

The survey also found that, besides switching employers, some workers are pursuing whole new careers, as 32 percent of employees looking for new jobs are seeking employment in a different industry, with the top industries attracting new talent being computer and information technology, healthcare, communications, and retail.

ResumeBuilder.com also released a survey in September 2021 that revealed one in seven workers surveyed – about 15 percent of the workforce – said they planned to quit their jobs before the start of 2022. So far, 4.4 million workers quit in September 2021, 4.2 million quit in October 2021, and a record 4.5 million quit in November 2021.

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