Written By ESR News Blog Editor Thomas Ahearn

On February 15, 2022, Rhode Island Senate Bill 2371 (S 2371) was introduced to require any person who is an owner, officer, director, manager, or employee of any of the licensed marijuana industry establishments in the state to submit to a national criminal background check that would include submitting fingerprints to the federal bureau of identification as part of their application or renewal of any application.

Under S 2371, applications would be denied for any plea of guilty or a felony conviction to any felony offense for any person who is the owner, director, manager, or employee of any compassion center, licensed medical cultivator, medical marijuana establishment licensee, or medical marijuana emporium, or any compassion center cardholder, practitioner, primary caregiver, qualifying patient, or holder of registry identification cards.

The legislation was introduced by Rhode Island State Senators Leonidas P. Raptakis (D-District 33), Stephen R. Archambault (D-District 22), Frank S. Lombardi (D-District 26), John Burke (D-District 9), Elaine J. Morgan (R-District 34), Louis P. DiPalma (D-District 12), Gordon E. Rogers (R-District 21), V. Susan Sosnowski (D-District 37), Frank Lombardo III (D-District 25), and Maryellen Goodwin (D-District 1).

The bill would amend the “The Edward O. Hawkins and Thomas C. Slater Medical Marijuana Act” that was passed in 2006 and amended in 2009 to legalize medical marijuana use in Rhode Island for citizens and residents who suffer from one of the qualifying conditions. The Act shall take effect upon passage. A complete copy of S 2371 is available at http://webserver.rilin.state.ri.us/BillText/BillText22/SenateText22/S2371.pdf.

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