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A survey of over 1,500 employees and job seekers discovered that 84 percent of respondents are looking for, or are open to, a new job in the next six months, while over 60 percent of job seekers are unimpressed by time-consuming recruitment processes and are demanding companies create a more modern recruiting experience, according to the 2022 Greenhouse Candidate Experience Report from hiring software company Greenhouse.

The survey found that a major point of contention among job seekers was how much time it takes to complete the initial application. The length of the initial application is a factor for 66 percent of candidates in determining whether they will complete and submit the application, and more than 70 percent of job seekers said they would not submit a job application if it took more than 15 minutes to complete.

The survey also revealed that job candidates also demanded faster responses from recruiters, as almost 58 percent of candidates expected to hear back from companies in one week or less regarding their initial application. Despite these expectations, many companies are still failing to keep up, and more than 75 percent of job seekers have been ghosted after an interview, never hearing from a company again.

Along with quick responses, the survey found that candidates are also looking for meaningful interactions and actionable feedback from recruiters. Over 70 percent of job seekers said they wanted feedback on an interview while more than 60 percent said that receiving feedback during the interview process would make them more inclined to apply to future jobs at that company even if they did not receive a job offer.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) remained critical for job seekers of all ages when applying for a role, with 86 percent of candidates considering a company’s investment in DE&I during the process. However, the survey results found many companies were failing to create a positive and inclusive interview experience as almost 43 percent of candidates have had their name mispronounced in a job interview.

“The results of our latest survey are a call to action for all companies. We’re in the midst of a real role reversal, and the talent pool has never been more selective and vocal about what they want from an employer,” said Greenhouse CEO and Co-founder Daniel Chait. “Companies who are too slow in responding, are careless with how they treat candidates, or who don’t show their commitment to DE&I are losing out on talent.”

The results of the survey are clear: candidates have more choice – and more power – than ever. “Job seekers who face lengthy initial applications, slow recruiter response times and follow-ups, unprepared and late interviewers, inconsistent feedback, and ghosting will be quick to move on,” the report warned. To download a copy, please visit www.greenhouse.io/blog/key-learnings-from-the-2022-greenhouse-candidate-experience-report.

The “Great Resignation” in the United States continued as 4.3 million workers quit their jobs in December 2021 following a series high of 4.5 million workers quitting in November 2021, according to the monthly Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) released by the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. The JOLTS defines “Quits” as voluntary separations initiated by the employee during a month.

“As record-breaking resignation numbers continue to rise in the United States, employers are wondering why their employees are so quick to quit their jobs and how to keep them from leaving,” ClearStar, a leading provider of Human Capital Integrity℠ technology-based services, noted in the blog The Great Resignation of 2021. “Listening to employees and their desires for their careers is the first step to developing lasting relationships.”

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