Written By Digital Content Editor Thomas Ahearn

Starting July 15, 2022, employees whose E-Verify mismatch cases are referred to the United States Social Security Administration (SSA) on or after this date will have the normal eight (8) federal working days to contact their local SSA office to begin resolving the mismatch, according to a news flash on the E-Verify website.

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, E-Verify extended the timeframe for an employee to take action to resolve SSA Tentative Nonconfirmations (TNCs). E-Verify will no longer provide extended timeframes for employees to visit SSA to resolve these mismatches for cases referred on or after July 15, 2022.

E-Verify works by comparing the information employees provide for the “Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification” against records available to the SSA. If the information does not match, the case will receive a TNC result and the employer must give the employee an opportunity to take action to resolve the SSA mismatch.

E-Verify cases with mismatches referred to the SSA between March 2, 2020, to July 14, 2022, should be resolved by the extended deadline of September 29, 2023. All employees with mismatches must visit the SSA to resolve their mismatch by the final deadline or their case will automatically get a Final Nonconfirmation (FNC).

More information on the TNC process can be found in the E-Verify User Manual or on the E-Verify Tentative Nonconfirmations Webpage. Since SSA offices are currently experiencing high customer volumes, E-Verify recommends that employees confirm office hours and availability at https://www.ssa.gov/locator/.

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