Written By Digital Content Editor Thomas Ahearn

An incoming elected member of the United States House of Representatives from the state of New York “may have misrepresented parts of his resume” that dealt with his education and employment history, according to a review of his public statements by CNN that cited details from an initial report from The New York Times.

Citing public documents and court records, The New York Times reported that key parts of the Congressman-elect’s biography “were either contradicted or not supported by evidence.” The CNN review of claims the incoming Congressman “has made about his education and employment history found the same discrepancies.”

The Congressman-elect’s campaign biography claims he received degrees from a University and a College. A University spokesperson told CNN “the University’s records do not reflect anyone with that name having attended.” A College spokesperson told CNN it could not find a record of anyone with his name ever attending.

The biography also mentions the Congressman-elect worked for several companies in the “finance industry” but two of these firms told CNN they had no record of his employment. The New York Times report claims the incoming Congressman did not respond to repeated requests to furnish documents to substantiate his claims.

An attorney for the Congressman-elect told CNN in a statement that The New York Times was attempting to “smear” the incoming Congressman with “defamatory allegations.” CNN stated the “discrepancies raise ethical and legal questions” for the Congressman-elect as he “prepares to officially take on his role as a lawmaker.”

(UPDATE 12/26/2022: The Congressman-elect has admitted to lying about parts of his resume that caused discrepancies in his employment and education history, CNN reports “I want to make sure that if I disappointed anyone by resume embellishment, I am sorry,” the incoming Congressman stated in the CNN report.)

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