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Written By Digital Content Editor Thomas Ahearn

“While the technology sector continues to deal with a wave of layoffs, human resources departments at tech companies are using ChatGPT to draft termination letters,” according to a May 2023 HR Tech Issues Report from business review website B2B Reviews. “Over half of tech HR employees reported using ChatGPT,” the report said.

“Over half of HR employees working in tech have used this helpful tool to increase workplace productivity and improve interactions with employees. Over 1 in 10 have even used it to craft employee terminations,” the report stated. Here are the most common things that the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbot ChatGPT has been used for:

  • Training and development – 21 percent
  • Employee surveys – 20 percent
  • Performance Reviews – 20 percent
  • Recruiting – 17 percent
  • Employee relations – 15 percent
  • Compliance – 13 percent
  • Performance management – 12 percent
  • Administration – 10 percent
  • Onboarding – 9 percent
  • Issuing employee warnings – 5 percent

According to the B2B Reviews report, HR employees used ChatGPT to improve workplace productivity, and utilizing the chatbot saved them hours per week. “Whatever problems they used it to solve, ChatGPT saved HR reps an average of 70 minutes each week — enough time for an extra lunch break,” the report said.

“To understand the current relationship between tech employees and their HR departments, we asked 213 HR professionals working in tech and 792 tech employees for their thoughts. We also examined how HR workflows can improve through employee feedback and tools like artificial intelligence,” the report explained.

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