Applicant Support: Ex-Offender Resources

Millions of ex-offenders have rehabilitated themselves and become productive members of society contributing to their communities instead of consuming limited resources.

According to the National Employment Law Project (NELP), there are approximately 70 million people in the United States with a state criminal record history, nearly one in three of the adult U.S. population.

ESR does not believe that background checks should prevent ex-offenders from employment.  We believe that with thoughtful consideration of all aspects of a person’s background – there should be viable employment for everyone.

At the same time, employers have both the right and obligation to protect their assets, employees, and their customers from both financial and physical harm. Doing this in a way that is fair and equitable to the applicant is essential.

Employers should follow sensible procedures in considering the past conviction records of job applicants, in line with the EEOC’s guidance, making sure that a particular criminal history would have a direct connection to a discernable risk to the business before using it to exclude an applicant. Providing a fair review of both qualifications and background and following non-discriminatory practices will enable employers to protect their interests and the interests of those they serve, without unduly burdening applicants for past mistakes.

Ex-Offender Resources

Here are some resources that may be helpful for those who are attempting to re-enter the workforce.

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