Applicant Support: FAQs

How long will my background check take?

It all depends on the types of services the employer is requesting and how the information for those services is obtained. The vast majority of criminal records background checks are completed within 24 to 72 hours of receiving the order, some courts have special procedures that may delay the results. Verifications of employment, personal and professional references sometimes go beyond the 72-hour window due to the nature of the manual process of making telephone contact. Where international services are part of the background check, it can take an additional week or more to get the results.

Can I get a copy of my report?

Yes, without question. In fact, if you go through the online applicant process, you will receive one automatically. Regardless of how the background check is initiated, you can call us at 888-999-4474 at any time to request a copy, and we will get it to you without delay.

What information is reported in a background check?

Criminal Record Check –

The jurisdiction, the case number, the date of the offense(s), the charge(s), the disposition and the sentence, where one is imposed.

Sex Offender Registry Search –

Where the identifiers have been matched, the record would indicate that State where the subject is listed.

Driving Records –

The state of issue, the DL number, license type, current status, restrictions and violations over the last 3 to 5 years.

Education Verification –

Name of School, school location, dates of attendance, the course of study, degree earned.

Employment Verification –

Name of employer, location, dates of employment, positions held, ending salary.

Professional License Verification –

Type of license, license number, issuing agency, current status, restrictions, and any other actions taken against the license.

Federal or State Excluded Parties Databases –

The issuing agency, type of exclusion, status, and any restrictions.

What are my rights?

The subject (“Consumer”) of a background check (“Consumer Report”) has many rights under both federal and state laws. Federal rights apply to everyone, while states’ rights depend on where you live and will be working.

Your Rights under State Laws:

  • California, Minnesota, and Oklahoma applicants, employees or residents have the right to request a copy of their report prior to the background check being prepared.
  • New York applicants, employees or residents: “Article 23-A New York Correction Law”
  • Employees working in San Francisco City or County. “Employee Rights under San Francisco Police Code Article 49”
  • State of Washington applicants and employees only: You have the right to receive a complete and accurate disclosure of the nature and scope of any investigative consumer report as well as a written summary of your rights and remedies under Washington law.
  • Massachusetts and New Jersey applicants, employees, and residents only: You have the right to inspect and promptly receive a copy of any investigative consumer report requested by the Company by directly contacting the consumer reporting agency identified above.

How do I dispute my background check?

To dispute the completeness or accuracy of information found on your background check report, call 888-999-4474 and ask for the Dispute Department. We have trained specialists who are ready and willing to help you through the process. If you feel something is incorrect in your report, we will contact our employer client to let them know the report is being disputed, and we will endeavor to resolve the matter without delay. Although we have 30 days to process your dispute, the vast majority are settled within 5 business days.

Is my information safe?

Yes, your information is safe! Here are some important points surrounding the security of what you provide to ESR.

Written Consent / One Time Use: ESR background checks are only performed with the written consent of the subject, and results are shared only with the subject and the prospective employer authorized by the subject.

ESR Does Not Sell Your Information: ESR is not a data broker and does not aggregate or resell public records that it acquires in undertaking its employment purpose background checks.

How do I expedite my background check?

ESR is committed to getting your background check completed as quickly as possible. Our Applicant Portal enables real time notifications if we need additional information to process your background check.

What if I have a criminal record?

Just because you have a criminal record in your past does not mean you will not get a job. The vast majority of employers are looking for the best-qualified applicant and look at prior criminal history in terms of the job you are applying for and any that risks may or may not be related to your past.


What is involved in a drug test?

The most common drug test is via urinalysis. This is how it works. You will receive a “Chain of Custody” form, either electronic or paper- based, and instructions on which collection site or sites you may utilize. Once at the collection site, you will provide a urine specimen which is then forwarded to a certified laboratory for testing. Results may be clear or may come back indicating the presence of a specific substance and the level that was present. If the specimen does test positive, you will be contacted by a Medical Review Officer before the results are reported to see if there are legitimate reasons why the substance was found, such as a doctor’s prescription. In some cases, the specimen will be rejected due to temperature, dilution or other disqualifying measurements.

How do I prepare for my background check?

It is really quite simple. To begin with, ask the employer what their background check will include, so you are prepared to have all the related information in hand before you begin the online process.

In all cases we will need your full legal name, date of birth, social security number and where you have lived, worked or went to school over the last 7 years. Having all that in hand, especially prior addresses will make it much easier for you.
If your employer is going to check your prior employers, you will need each employer’s name, location, your start and end dates as well as your final position and in most cases your final salary.
If they are checking your education, you will need the name of the school where you earned your highest degree, the city and state, the name of campus, your major course of study and the degree earned.

A motor vehicle record check will require your driver’s license number and the state of issue.
A professional license check requires the name of the license in question, the license number, and the issuing authority.
Personal or professional references will require the name of your reference, your relationship to them, and a contact phone number.
Criminal records history, sex offender searches, and checking excluded parties databases require no additional information.
Credit reports require no additional information.

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