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ESR’s Flexible Options Put You in Control

We’ve found that one size does not fit all. ESR’s three levels of verifications afford our clients the flexibility to customize their verifications through unique business rules.

More than 40% of resumes contain falsifications of work experience or education. With the proliferation of diploma mills, fake degrees are being used to leverage higher salaries and, for many unfortunate companies, has led to public embarrassment and damage to reputation.

Education Verifications

ESR’s education verifications are available for high school diplomas, GED certificates, trade schools attendance, special skills schools certification, junior college associate degrees, four year college/university degrees, and master’s and doctorate degrees. All verifications are undertaken at the primary source such as the school they attended, state GED boards, or third party primary record holder such as The National Student Clearing House.

Employment Verifications

ESR performs primary source verification of current and previous employment that provides confirmation of position held, beginning and end dates, and rate of pay although information beyond these areas is frequently unavailable. Any additional information obtained during the verification such as performance, reason for departure, and rehire status is included in the report.

All verifications are undertaken at the primary source such as the school they attended, state GED boards, or third party primary record holder such as The Work Number.

Personal & Professional Reference Checks

You might be surprised by what ESR learns through our personal and professional reference checks. Many positions rise above the necessity of a basic employment verification, including positions that require good character, sound judgement, reliable performance, trust and dependability.

ESR personal reference checks include information about the type and length of the subject’s relationship to the reference. A series of open ended questions designed to elicit information about a person’s traits, character, reliability, and shortcomings are directed to the reference during the call.

Personal Reference

Questions related to task performance, greatest strengths, team interaction, propensity for violence or dishonesty, length of personal relationship with the candidate, character traits that would be helpful for an employer to know about, communication skills and dependability.

Professional Reference

Questions related to length of professional relationship, subject’s job and the nature of duties, follow through, greatest strengths, areas needing improvement, initiative, leadership, dependability, team interaction, propensity for violence or dishonesty and hire-ability.

Professional License/Credential Verification

ESR’s professional license verifications are available for any license issued by a state or federal licensing board or agency. ESR conducts primary source verifications of license held, current status, and expiration date with the licensing board in question. In addition to basic license verification, any additional certifications, restrictions, reprimands, or other license related information are also reported. Common license verifications include but are not limited to:

  • CPA, Attorney,
  • Teacher, Registered Nurse,
  • Licensed Practical Nurse,
  • Physician,
  • Psychologist,
  • Pharmacist, and
  • Real Estate.

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